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Entrée a Paradis Painting 1943

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John Brook photo Group Photo from 30 Massachusetts Painters of 1947 Institute of Modern Art

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Joseph’s Cloak Painting 1949

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Jules Aarons photo Kahlil Gibran in Studio circa 1949

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Bill Witt photos Forum 49 exhibitors Provincetown 1949

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Vihuela & Museum of Fine Arts. Boston Program 1954

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Saz circa 1950

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John the Baptist Welded Iron Rod Boston Arts Festival 1956 H 7’

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Voice in the Wilderness Welded Iron Rod artist’s studio 1957 H 7’

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Polished Mahogany w Nails Carving 1961
Welded Iron Assemblage 1960

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Welded Corten fence 1962

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Welded iron doorknobs, locks 1962

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Cast Aluminum Javelier 1962

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Bronze Bas Relief Portrait Granite Base
Kahlil Gibran
1883–1931 Copley Square Boston 1977

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Bronze Bas Relief Richard Cardinal Cushing Our Lady of the Cedars Maronite Church Jamaica Plain 1992

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Bronze Bas Relief Amy Beach 28 Commonwealth Avenue Boston 1994

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Gilded Bronze medal Eliot Norton distributed for Eliot Norton Awards, Boston 1983 - 1995

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Bronze Portrait Head Karon H14’ 1977

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Bronze Portrait Head Najwa H15’ 1979

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Bronze Self-Portrait H 11” circa 1982

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Bronze Our Lady of the Cedars on Roxbury Pudding Stone H 12’ Our Lady of the Cedars Church 1981

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Slate Table with wrought iron legs
Distressed wood & glass cabinet with composite drawers ivory knobs
Wooden Jewelry Case with brass pulls

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Danforth Museum Program 2002
Cover Painting by William Georgenes
Inside Cover Portraits Jean Gibran Kahlil Gibran by
Jason Pachenski

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St Botolph Brochure 2007
Cover Photo by George Lynde

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Into the Millennium Bronze Figures 5’ x 3’ x17” 1999

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Standing Ceres Bronze on Roxbury Pudding Stone Base
Forest Hills Cemetery Jamaica Plain 1993

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Bouquet Welded Steel & Found Objects H 40” 1963

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Page from National Sculpture Review 1970-71

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Bronze Ad Astra H 32” 2005

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Group Photo Danforth Museum Opening 2002
row: David Robinson, Kahlil Gibran, William Georgenes, John Wilson
row: unidentified, Bernard Chaet, Steven Trefonides, Jason Pachenski, Francesco Carbone

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Photo Kahlil Gibran West Canton St Studio circa 1988

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Horse & Rider Sprayed Metal Wire 1954

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Young Trunk Hammered Steel H 23” 1961

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Old Fashioned Bouquet Painting 1948

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Nureyev Bronze H14” 1964

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St Botolph Bulletin poem This Kahlil Gibran by Stuart Denenberg 2007

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Boy With Dove from Into the Millennium Bronze Forest Hills Cemetery

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Three Mixed Media Drawings
Elizabeth Larson
Jules Eskin
Karon Rice

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